Please Join US in welcoming Carly Guy as the new director at LPCP!

Carly Guy recently joined Leesburg Presbyterian Church Preschool (LPCP) as Director. She was born in Scotland, educated in England and came with her husband and four (now grown) children to live here in Virginia in 1994. Carly comes to us with many years of experience working in private preschools as a teacher, a teacher mentor, an Assistant Head and as Head of School. She graduated from The University of Essex in England, with an Honors Degree in Linguistics and majored in Child Language Acquisition. Carly is excited to be joining and leading our preschool team. She is dedicated to providing young children and their families the best early years’ experiences possible. At LPCP Carly will continue to grow as an educator together with our team of teachers.  With the support of the Board, the Teachers and the Parents she is confident that our preschool will go from strength to strength. With her background in Child Language Acquisition, Carly never tires of watching communication between young children as they recognize and absorb the patterns of language and the verbal and non-verbal cues that enrich this uniquely human experience. She is looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning about your hopes and dreams for your children. She believes in rich and open communication, invites your input, recognizes we are a team, and values parents as the most important teachers their children will ever have.

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