Teachers and Staff

Kelli Kinard
2's Lead Teacher
LPCP Staff: 2’s Lead Teacher
Experience: 12 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Reading, Cycling and Being on the lake
Ms. Kelli enjoys teaching the 2's class because the kids are at a really fun age! It's amazing watching them learn and explore their new environment.
Cindy Barthelemy
2's Assistant Teacher
LPCP Staff: 2's Assistant Teacher
Experience: 20+ Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Hiking, Family Time and POUND exercise class
Ms. Cindy has been a Leesburg resident for 28 years, and never tires of the joys being a preschool teacher brings. The best thing about 2's class is how loving and sweet the kids are.
Mandy Kopp
Pre-K Teacher
LPCP Staff: Pre-K Teacher
Experience: 9 Years in Education
Hobbies: Running, Dancing and Reading
Ms. Mandy has a masters degree in Special Education. She's got two wonderful kids and is a Sunday school teacher at Leesburg Presbyterian Church.
Betsy Reeve
3's Teacher
LPCP Staff: 3's Teacher
Experience: 10 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Traveling and Supporting her daughters lacrosse team
Ms. Reeve is a native of upstate New York, who looks forward to each energetic new day with Pre-K and enjoys sharing her love of art with students and watching their creativeness take over.
Mary Barnes
Pre-K Teacher
LPCP Staff: Pre-K Teacher
Experience: 11 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Family, Traveling and Group Exercise classes
Ms. Barnes has lived in Leesburg for 19 years. Her main goal is to ensure the Pre-K kids have the best first impression of a school environment. Science experiments are one of her favorite things about Pre-K.
Carly Guy
Preschool Director
LPCP Staff: Preschool Director
Email: info@lpcpreschool.org
Experience: 20 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Stargazing and iridium flare tracking
With her background in Child Language Acquisition, Carly never tires of watching communication between young children as they recognize and absorb the patterns of language and the verbal and non-verbal cues that enrich this uniquely human experience.